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[Som] Voicemail Post

[A deep breath that's let out in a thin, whispering sound before he speaks.]

You've reached the-- ah. Voicemail of Liam Lunettes. It appears I'm not available to speak with you at this time. Please leave a message with your name as well as a means of contacting you back, especially if the matter is urgent.


I apologize for any inconvenience.

[And then a beep.]
Effects: temporary poor vision, unease, restlessness
Warnings: slight morbidity, but overall nothing hideous is going on here

He isn't drowning, but there's no land in sight.Collapse )


[He doesn't wake up with a start, no. It's a lumbering buildup, and by the time he's discovered his Dreamberry and that it has—in fact—recorded what his subconscious dictated, he's no longer upset over the abrupt end to a perfectly strange trip into slumberland. Should anyone like to talk, he won't be lying back down again for some time.]